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HTB E-File Manicompact ***On Back Order till End of April

Hot Tips Beauty

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The Hot Tips Beauty Manicompact is a Professional powerful manicure/pedicure E-File System. Its cordless, rechargeable design allows for convenient portability making it a versatile filing system for any work station. It comes with a clip for pocket and a holder for the handpiece. 

  • 35,000 RPM  Brushless Motor Japan-Import
  • Rechargeable
  • Run from 10-15 hour battery life
  • Variable speed control
  • Forward & Reverse
  • Lightweight hand-piece
  • Twist Locking chuck
  • Digital Display
  • High Torque
  • Uses standard 3/32" Burrs
  • Quiet operation
  • No vibration
  • Easy Bit change


Care Instructions:

***Treat it like jewels, not tool!!!

***Keep the handpiece clean of dust after each use to prevent the dust from entering into the tube.

***Only charge the machine when the battery indicator is low. It takes around 2 hrs to fully charge, then unplug when full! Keep plugged in all time all overnight or while you work will burn out the battery (Just like any other electronic devices)

***Dropping the handpiece can cause permanent damage

***Opening up the handpiece uncarefully sometimes can cause tiny parts to go missing.

***We are not responsible if you drop the handpiece and break the bit which is stuck inside the barrel. There is a way to extract the broken bit by adding a tiny amount of cuticle oil to the opening and knock it down gently in an angle and the gravity will slowly push the broken piece out. 

Video on how to take it apart to clean and to put it back together