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HTB Nail 7-Steps Bit Collection Kit

Hot Tips Beauty

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Ultimate Bit Kit by Hot Tips Beauty

All 7 must-have bits that we use daily in our salon. These are our brand master educator @ninahottips personal favorite bits. 

Step 1. "Tsunami" Removal or Reducing products

Step 2. "Perfect Cuticle" is designed to perform safe both pushing and cleaning the cuticle to perfectly prepare for nail enhancements. This helps prevent lifting and promote cuticle health. This is no doubt a “must have” !

Step 3. "Ultimate Mandrel" is designed to hold the sanding band tightly when spinning, but is super easy-off when removing the sanding band. It’s also sturdier and stronger to minimize the bouncing after many uses.

Step 4: “Down Under” is designed to perform safe cleaning under the nails and also around the cuticle after nail enhancement application to prevent lifting. This is a super useful bit.

Step 5: “Game Changer” is designed to perform safe, no cutting, no burning, and extremely efficient filing post enhancement application. It allows you to file as close to the cuticle, therefore, no more lifting. This bit literally will change your nail game. Your nails will come out smooth,  clean and flawless!

Step 6: “Perfect C” is designed to achieve that perfect sexy C curve that you’ve always desired. There is no better tool for this task than this bad boy!

Step 7: “Dust Free” is designed to perform safe removing dust off the nails surface especially around the cuticle area for a perfect polish application. It’s also can be used to dust off any other nail bit. It’s super handy and cute too!

***For all nail tools, they must be handled and maintained with care. Since we do not know how you handle your tools, there will no refund or exchange or replacement after used for any reason. 

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