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Super Opal

Hot Tips Beauty

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Super Opal Chrome by Hot Tips Beauty is the highest, finest powder grade available on the market. This chrome grade is so super pigmented, you will be amazed 1000000% It is iridescent, opalescent, and mirror finish all in one! Apply this magnificent chrome on any color underneath to reveal the amazing mermaid, unicorn effect! Forget about the little tiny bit size of 0.1, 0.2, 0.3g, or 0.5! Ours comes in a generously filled 1 full gram inside a 5gram sealed jar, so no spilling or wasting. for professional use. 

Size: 1g inside a 5gram sealed jar.

For best coverage and brilliant color effect, use with Hot Tips No-Cleanse Chrome Top Coat

  • Apply 1-2 layers of any gel color of choice. Cure.
  • Apply a thin layer of HTB Chrome Top Coat and cure. (Method 2 You can also apply straight on the tacky layer of the cured gel polish)
  • Pick up a small amount of pigment and rub well into the nail for full coverage of pigment.
  • Finish with HTB Mirror Shine Top Coat and cure.